General Election 2013 – Live – projections, results, distribution of seats

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Who is winning italian general election 2013?

10:56 Reported queues at polling stations in the city of Milan and Emilia

10:00 The leader of the Movement 5 Stars, Beppe Grillo, yet did not appear at his seat in to vote. Yesterday, the first day of voting, dozens of reporters and photographers have been waiting in vain.

9:39 A man of 39 years of Turin has been charged by police after being caught photographing the ballot in a polling station with the phone, which was seized.

7:00 Reopened seats throughout Italy. Closes at 15. After the counting will begin, which will cover first the Senate and then the House. The scrutiny of the regional will begin tomorrow.


Starting from this morning at 8 am (7 am GMT) polls are open for the Italian General Elections to renew House of Representatives and Senate. There are also 3 gubernatorial elections in three of the 20 Italian regions: Lombardy, Lazio e Molise. The electors for the House of Representatives are 47.011.309 (all Italian citizens living in Italy and above 18 years old), while for the Senate will vote 43.071.494 (all Italian citizens living in Italy and above 25 years old). 618 deputes and 309 senators will be elected this way. The Italian citizens living abroad that can cast a vote for the House of Representatives are 3.438.670 and for the Senate 3.103.887 will elect 12 deputes e 6 senators for an overall of 630 members of the House of Representative and 315 members of Senate. Polls will be opened the 24th from 8am to 10pm (7am-pm GMT) and the 25th of February from 7am to 3pm (6am-2pm GMT). then the polls will be opened and there will be the count and therefore the seats distributions in the two chambers. Affluence will be the key, in Italy usually vote around 80% of electorate in this case the turnout could be sensibly lower.

24.00 Here there is the affluence at 10pm (9pm GMT). According to previous check, it seems many strongholds of Mr. Berlusconi are suffering the worst results in affluence reports. On the other side, the most left-oriented areas of Italy are showing better results. In this scenario you have to consider the Mr. Grillo factor, that may break the equilibrium between the classic country political coalitions.

20.00 Here there is the affluence at 7pm (6pm GMT). According to the distribution of affluence it seems that Berslusconi coalition can have a odd result. Many strongholds of Berlusconi suffer a bad affluence while the other places appear to be steady in terms of affluence.

Elezioni Politiche 2013 – La diretta – affluenza alle ore 19

17:20 Bologna another of our readers we report as well as in the regional capital have been found not Carbonless pencils. Were alerted law enforcement

17:15 Confirmed the common tend leftmost those in which the turnout is greater. This, however, may not be indicative of how the vote is going, especially with the presence in the disputed election of Beppe Grillo

17:00 Milan city key to this election. In addition to the policies in Lombardy vote for the regional elections. Head to head between Amborosoli and Maroni. The districts with the lowest turnout were the II (16.88%), the I (16.87%) and IX (17,13%). The divisions with turnout higher were the IV (17.87%), the VII (17.82%) and III (17.64%). In Milan, the difference between high turnout male (18.97%) and female turnout (16.01%).

16:50 The three activists of Femen who contested to the seat Silvio Berlusconi, after identification by the Digos have been released

16:40 Focus on turnout in the city of Rome. The lower turnout was recorded in the following municipalities. Rome VIII (13.37%), VII (14.37%) and XX (14.96%). Those with greater attendance were the City Hall IX (17.35%), XI (17.31%) and XVII (17.26%)

16:20 The three activists of Femen who now face a charge of resisting a public officer claimed via Facebook their attack. Their names are Inna Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko and Elvire duvelle-Charles

16:15 Analysis influx of votes in the first ten Italian cities. City by city, the percentage of voting and the change compared to 2008. Rome 15.70% (-0.13%) Milan 17.38% (+2.54%) Naples 11.75% (-3.09%) Turin 15.09% (-0.72%) Palermo 12 , 35% (-2.10%) Genoa 21.18% (+1.15%) Bologna 22.73% (+0.66%) Florence 21.65% (+1.19%) 16.63 Bari % (-1.62%) Catania 11.84% (-2.03%)

16:00 The provinces where there was a greater decrease influx of voting over 2008 are Sondrio (-4.04%), Vibo Valentia (-3.97%), Belluno (-3.97%), Naples (-3.96%) and Lecce (-3.93%). While there has been, according to the data of 12 hours, a greater affluence in the provinces of Trieste (+1.11%), Genoa (+0.80%), Venice (+0.71%), Pordenone (+ 0.68). Crotone is the province with the trend more similar to the national average (-1.57%).

15:55 In Genoa keenly awaiting journalists and photographers for voting Beppe Grillo

15:40  One of our readers, Umberto Parlagreco, returning from the polling station where he voted report us having verbalize that “none of the pencils was supplied indelible despite having tried several with the president of the polling station.” The episode was recorded in Messina Elementary School Spur section number 214.

15.35  In contrast to the data turnout for elections, there has been an increase in the percentage of votes for the regional elections. +7% in Lombardia +5% In Lazio

15.30. Emilia Romagna is the region with the highest turnout at 12:00. Ferrara (22,64%), Bologna (21,72%) e Reggio Emilia (21.09%) are the provinces with the highest turnout rates.

15.16 Formigoni, current Presindent of the Lombardy region, just voted.

15.15 Reggio Calabria (6,45%), Vibo Valentia (7,55%) e Agrigento (7,55%) are the provinces with the lowest turnout at 12:00.

14.40. Ingroia just voted in Palermo.

14:20. Turnout at 12:00 in Regional Elections in Lombardy, Lazio and Molise at 17.6%, against 10.6% in Lombardy in 2010.

14:10. Storace, candidate for President of the Lazio Region, voted.

14.00. The final turnout figure at 12.00: 14.94%, compared to 16.51% in 2008.

13:50. From our first analysis of local turnout would seem that the areas that had previously voted for the center-left seem to have a higher turnout, conversely a few strongholds of the center-right appear to have lower turnout. Of course, this does not say who actually voted and for whom.

13:40. The activists who challenged Berlusconi as he prepared to vote were from the Femen group.

13:30. We have data from 8,078 entities out of 8,092: turnout stands at 14.89% against 16.54% in 2008, about 1.5 percentage points less than 5 years ago but considering the bad weather we do not consider the decline as a meltdown. Our projection expects a final turnout between 75% and 80%. New projections in the coming hours will show whether there is a recovery or a further decline.

13:20. Soon we will have the final figure about turnout at 12.00, as announced by the Ministry.

13:08. Vendola just voted.

12:50.Berlusconi is voting now in Milan, he also faced some protestors. Three topless girls shouted “Enough, Berlusconi.” A protest which resembles that of Femen.

12:40. Francesca Pascale (Berlusconi’s girlfriend) criticized while voting in Naples.

12:21. The turnout of the vote for Regional elections is on the rise, but it has to be noted that this time the general election is held at the same time.

12:20. So far, in Puglia higher turnout than in Campania.

12:15. Interesting data from Turin, where turnout is slightly higher than in the rest of Piedmont region. Another interesting finding is the high turnout in Veneto.

12.10. Albertini just voted in Milan.

12:00. Turnout at 12:oo was 16,4% in 2008, 17.6% in 2006 and 21.5% in 2001, but in 2001 elections were held in a single day.

11:50. A moved Pope speaks about his abdication in St. Peter’s Square in front of a huge crowd. How will this will affect the Italian general election?

11:40. Polling stations opened late in Versilia because of the snow. Snow also in Bologna, Milan, Turin and Liguria. Many ferries blocked in the South because of to the bad weather. Ballots arrived in Pantelleria by military aircraft.

11:30. In half an hour the first data on turnout will be released by the Ministry of the Interior.

11:20. The President of the Republic Napolitano has already voted in Rome.

Il voto del Presidente della Repubblica

11:15. Among the candidates for the regional elections Maroni, Zingaretti and Ambrosoli have already voted.

11:10. Among the leaders, Bersani voted in Piacenza and Monti in Milan.

Mario Monti al voto a Milano

Bersani vota a Piacenza

11:05. Bad weather in Italy is expected to decrease turnout, which could cause the actual results to differ substantially from those anticipated by the latest polls.

11:00. Our live stream starts now. Follow all the most important news about these elections. The elections were called a few weeks after Monti’s resignation, as the PDL had denied its confidence vote in the House.

10:55. Let’s remind how to vote. Just make a mark in the box of the chosen list or coalition. Two ballots are available, a pink one for the House and a yellow one for the Senate. The voting law is the “Porcellum”. Preferences votes can not be expressed. This law gives a majority premium to the winning list or coalition. It is an important election that could bring big changes, and Termometro Politico is here to follow it closely.


L'autore: Carmine Paolo De Salvo